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Convert your map and character assets into
RPG Maker Unite specs with “PiXel ScaLer”!

PiXel ScaLer is a powerful mini app that can enlarge and convert pixel arts into higher resolution illustrations!
With this tool, users can now resize custom or previous RPG Maker assets and modify a little to quickly adapt it into RPG Maker Unite’s graphic standards!

*PiXel ScaLer is a product developed by karuta-san - who has kindly granted RPG Maker the rights to distribute it as an RPG Maker Unite official tool.
**The previous PiXel ScaLer will continue to be available for download at the author’s sites after our release as an Official Tool.
Users of the previous version of PiXel ScaLer can also continue to use it without concerns.

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PiXel ScaLer can be used with some previous RPG Maker titles!

Supports various resolutions!

This application is mainly intended for use with the upcoming release of RPG Maker Unite, but it can be used with RPG Maker MV, MZ, and other series as it supports a variety of resolutions!

In addition to the 98 x 146 (walking graphics) and 194 x 194 (SV Battler) resolutions, which are the same specifications as the default assets in RPG Maker Unite, the following resolutions are supported.

Walking graphics
48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256
SV Butler
64x64, 320x320, 512x512
RPG Maker Uniteの他、従来のRPG Makerでも一部利用可能!
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System Requirements

Windows® 8.1/10 (64bit)
Intel Core i3-4340 or better
8 GB
Graphic card
Compatible OpenGL / VRAM 1GB or better
45 MB available space
1280x768 or better Display


We offer both standalone version and a Steam version that can be launched from Steam. Both versions are identical. Please choose the version according to your preference.

Downloadable version

This is the downloadable version that can work as a standalone application  without external app dependencies. Users who bought the standalone version of RPG Maker series may prefer using this version.


Steam version

The Steam version is managed by the Steam client app, and the program can be launched from it. This version may be more convenient for those who bought RPG Maker from Steam.


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